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So there I was in the very sociable London tapas joint José in Shardoland, that is near the new ’Shard of Glass’ tall tower block.  Things have certainly gone up in the world round here.  It used to be railway grunge and warehouse.  Now it’s milling … Continue reading

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London’s current mini reignited love affair with all things Spanish and tapas, including sherry has one aspect to be very thankful for.  In general the standard of the tapas food itself is powers better than the often gelatinous horrors called … Continue reading

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As I sat waiting for the Sherry Master Class to begin, recently organised by the Institute of Masters of Wine in London, I involuntarily hummed Franki Valli’s 1962 Four Seasons hit to myself.  It’s got nothing to do with Sherry the drink.  But Sherry … Continue reading

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