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Imagine if websites and magazines and newspapers, when reviewing books and restaurants, divided them into two sorts. Let’s take eateries as an example.  You know, those pieces that emerge a few times a year when restos get ranked. We scan … Continue reading

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Honest, I don’t really mean ‘Best’.  How could I be so cocksure that I am the objective oracle on wine and food online? So, rest assured, this is a disgustingly personal selection by Tim Hall and means nothing.  I admit … Continue reading

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January 1st may be an arbitrary date to assess the state of Planet Wine but with wine under pressure from global recession in 2012, any time may be good for those who love wine to think about and discuss it more.  Here are my 10 … Continue reading

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I love some recent versions of English fizz, or ‘English champagne’ as everyone calls it.  That is everyone in the Clapham omnibus sense.  If the wine trade journals and consumer wine magazines called it ‘English champagne’ they would be sued by the Champagne authorities, … Continue reading

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This short blog piece is an absolutely unreserved and enthusiastic recommendation to everyone who loves wine to immediately get acquainted with and embrace Aurélia Filion’s site Bu Sur Le Web.  I’m sure. like me, when you begin to appreciate what’s … Continue reading

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