New Wave Champagne – 67 Pall Mall June 8th, London

London’s super  St James’s wine club: ’67 Pall Mall’ is hosting 15 top champagne single estates for an upcoming day in London – June 8th.

In the afternoon there is a tasting of all the wines for leading sommeliers and wine managers.
The evening session, for club members and guests will be a walk-around tasting of some 3-4 cuvées from each producer, some 50-60 top champagnes -all from leading growers and small boutique leading houses.  See the full list below.  It’s  booking fast at just £30 a ticket.  If you are a member or know one  to be his or her guest, be there….A great chance to taste, meet producers and buy if you wish, from UK suppliers.  This is how Grant Ashton, CEO of 67 Pall Mall, has billed the event:

New Wave Champagne

A new wind is blowing in Champagne…the top small ‘growers’ (single estate RMs) and an elite group of small boutique houses (NMs) are making more intense and ‘terroir-tasting’ fine wines, and this is very much on trend now amongst fine wine lovers worldwide. But a striking paradox of modern Champagne is that most of its top producers are unknown to many fine wine enthusiasts. These producers share an artisan and family pride in their independence, as well as a determination to revolutionise viticulture and winemaking in Champagne.

So what is all the fuss about? It is often said that unlike the larger marques that blend grapes from many locations to create their blend, the RM’s (Récoltant-Manipulant) and smaller NM (Négociant-Manipulant) Champagnes offer a precise expression of terroir. Clearly a pride in their viticulture isn’t exclusive to the Growers, the top Houses and Négociants are very conscientious in the selection of their fruit as well; however it is the directness of the relationship of what is in the glass via the winemaker to the terroir (that is often family owned) that typifies the category.

We are delighted to welcome 15 of Champagne’s top artisanal producers to 67 Pall Mall to present multiple expressions of their wines.  Each producer will be on hand to pour 3-5 different cuvees and to answer your questions – and hopefully to de-mystify this most fascinating and under-explored part of the vinous world.

The 15 producers who will be present:

Champagne André Robert RM Le Mesnil
Champagne Corbon RM Avize
Champagne Dehours RM
Champagne Eric Rodez, RM Ambonnay
Champagne François Secondé, RM Sillery
Champagne Jacquesson, NM Dizy
Champagne La Villesenière RM Boursault
Champagne AR Lenoble NM Damery
Champagne Nathalie Falmet RM, Rouvres-les-Vignes, Côte des Bar
Champagne Nicolas Maillart, NM Ecueil
Champagne Vazart-Coquart RM Chouilly
Champagne Vilmart, RM Rilly-la-Montagne
Champagne Lacourte-Godbillon RM Ecueil
Champagne La Veuve Fourny NM Vertus
Champagne J-M Sélèque, Pierry
June 8th
Tel:  020 3000 6767
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