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Among small single estate champagne producers, the Côte des Blancs already has its established superstars.  The wines of Selosse, Agrapart, Diebolt-Vallois and Péters are internationally established as stars, at least amongst the champagne cognoscenti.  But it will come as no … Continue reading

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So there I was in the very sociable London tapas joint José in Shardoland, that is near the new ’Shard of Glass’ tall tower block.  Things have certainly gone up in the world round here.  It used to be railway grunge and warehouse.  Now it’s milling … Continue reading

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The leading house of Louis Roederer is Champagne gold standard. There may even be a temptation to take their excellence for granted without paying enough attention to the wines, because they command so much affection as one of the few independently … Continue reading

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You’ll be familiar with the wine snobbery pecking order of white grapes.  I don’t know why anyone puts up with it but it goes like this.  The top grape is Riesling.  You may find it hard going but you will … Continue reading

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In the UK this weekend, the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail report the Tory government is thinking of banning supermarkets’ cut price wine deals.  These are two a penny in the UK and the dominant model of how wine is sold; analysts say … Continue reading

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Twelve generations of Tarlants have grown grapes in Champagne since 1687.  The first Tarlant sparkling champagnes were made in 1929.  This is therefore one of the most established single domaine (RM-récoltant-manipulant) producers in the region with a reputation for high quality.  The base for production … Continue reading

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