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Tasting wines when you don’t know what they are is wine buff sport to many, but de rigueur if you do wine exams. It’s also the most honest way of deciding how good a wine is. A lot of wine … Continue reading

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If you are a paid up champagne nut you will have come across bottles emblazoned ‘Special Club’.  This is a group of committed single domaines or champagne estates who formed, perhaps best to call it, a ‘special club’ to promote … Continue reading

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What a stupendously good idea. Nick Gibson, owner of The Draper’s Arms, a pub with food which is ‘neighbourhood’, off the beaten track from Islington’s Upper Street but very friendly, decided to let his clientele turn up and drink the entire … Continue reading

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Champagne’s most beautiful place is not a vineyard or a winery.  Perhaps not even its cathedrals.  Champagne after all is about dreams, focused on emotions and desires for the good life.  Champagne is an idea, a potent myth for which its wine is … Continue reading

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The picture (right) of the Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve label, the entry level champagne made by this very prestigious house, is important.  For me, it is the best entry level NV wine made by a grande marque house in Champagne.  The fact it is … Continue reading

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