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One of champagne’s strengths is the way it covers off all the bases, both of quality, price and of the social niche it can be associated with.  For all its traditionally posh image, most of it still costs less than a ticket to … Continue reading

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I’ve always found Spain the most mysterious European country. Don’t ask me why, but it has got something to do with driving alone across seemingly vast and spectacular landscapes to visit wine producers.  The cops can be pretty scary too.  I am … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago 5000 people attended two separate ‘Natural Wine’ fairs in London, many the paying public on a Sunday and the rest wine trade professionals working’ (lol!) by tasting wines on the Monday and Tuesday.  One was called RAW, the other The Real Wine Fair.  Lest … Continue reading

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It’s one of a champagne afficionado’s recurrent experiences to hear people knocking Moët’s entry level champagne: Brut Impérial NV.  It’s not entirely fair as I’ve had some delicious bottles of it. But perhaps too often when they expect the punter … Continue reading

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Krug sits at the top of Champagne’s tree.  On any reliable assessment it has to be among the best at least, even if you could make a case for Krug being a rather specific style or interpretation of what champagne can … Continue reading

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Laurent-Perrier’s reputation as a tip top grande marque house has been in renaissance some years.  Right now they seem to be on something of a roll.  They have always occupied a slight niche amongst champagne lovers, who see the wines as quietly expressive of a discreet … Continue reading

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Good wine’s march out from its past limited to the French classics and a few un-French fortifieds has also run parallel with changes in the terms wine tasters use to describe and analyse wine.  Tasting terms are notoriously imprecise of course.  It … Continue reading

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