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Home winemaking has always seemed a bit infra dig to me; the kind of pastime that goes on in the nether regions of remote English counties and their towns, something to contemplate for retirement.  Perhaps along with joining the local … Continue reading

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Champagne Bruno Paillard is a new champagne house, but in 30 years, has become one of the very best.  For ‘new’ read founded in 1981.  That very few new houses have been formed from scratch since, says as much about Bruno Paillard’s brilliance and drive … Continue reading

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Many moons ago, living the life of Riley for a year in Portugal as a student in Lisbon’s Faculty of Letters, a fave summer ruse to waste yet another day, was to take off on the train to the seaside … Continue reading

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On 24th February 2010 at 9am, we arrived at Francis Boulard’s small winery and farm headquarters which stand alone by the main road a little north of Reims and rang the bell.  And waited.  We had made an appointment; sometimes arrangements go … Continue reading

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Gosset makes champagne on the rarified level of the top echelon of Champagne producers.  Absolutely top drawer.  But it doesn’t stand on too much ceremony.  I can’t remember a warmer or more smiling welcome at an important champagne house than … Continue reading

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Heaven knows, Champagne (and champagne!) enthusiasts are in dire need of an up to date book which does justice to the most successful wine region in the world and points us towards the good stuff and away from the duds.  … Continue reading

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As I sat waiting for the Sherry Master Class to begin, recently organised by the Institute of Masters of Wine in London, I involuntarily hummed Franki Valli’s 1962 Four Seasons hit to myself.  It’s got nothing to do with Sherry the drink.  But Sherry … Continue reading

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