It's much easier to be explicit about prices for home wine courses or tastings than for bigger corporate events which are always in various ways, unique.  These prices apply to venues within the London boroughs.  Further afield will be a little more.  We assume the venue is your house or flat; if it is a hired private venue, those costs are your affair.  We're quite happy to attend a different home each week if your firends want to share the hosting. 

Remember, Scala only shows fine wine - a rough guide being wine at  £20 per bottle average.   We don't think it's helpful to show wines of basic or middling quality as most people will already have tasted them or something very similar.  If you want posher wine than this or a longer course, costs will rise and we can quote.  Similarly, if you want us to design a different course, we will.  We will bring all wines and glasses each week.  MAXIMUM ATTENDEES - 10  Prices include VAT.

COURSE:  THE FINE WINE STYLES OF THE WORLD (or any course you require): seven weeks, six wines shown and discussed each week - £315 per person all inclusive.  

For one-off single evenings or whole days, on any topic, do ask us to quote.        


Scala.......the best communicator on the wine circuit.

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