How We Work With You

Over the years, we've learnt how to plan wine events that work.  For you or us, we know they simply cannot go wrong.  Complete success is the only standard.  Here's Ten Points on what to expect from us:

1  We will press early for a DATE.  No plan will work without a timescale.  We will hold provisional dates as long as we can and let you know if the date is requested by another party.

2  We will settle POINT OF CONTACT with you - the person on both sides who is heading up the event

3  The CONCEPT - what kind of wine event do you want, to achieve precisely what, is something we will take great care in settling.

4  The VENUE can be critical, in-house or out.  We know the venue market in London and around extremely well.  Whether at your place or elsewhere, we always visit well before the event.  Venue-finding we are more than happy to help with.  That's part of the service, if you opt for that. 

5  There has to be a BUDGET.  If you want us to quote blind without telling us the budget that's fine.  Quotes at several levels of cost are fine too.  Our quotes are always transparent and itemised - see here for Costs and Fees.

6  We would want to supply all WINE for the event, but we do supply at retail price with no further mark-up. 

7  We generally prefer to use our own STAFF for pouring wine, we know them, they are professional wait staff, well turned-out, and they will clear afterwards.

8  If you need a CATERER for food, we know many we can recommend for different types of event. 

9  We will ask you to approve our agreed EVENT PLAN before any cost commirtments are made.

10 We think our Terms of Business are fair and clear.  Do ask if any item needs further clarification or you want to negotiate something.


Scala.......the best communicator on the wine circuit.

The Observer
‘Scala School of Wine provides amazing customer service.  Despite me continuing to change the arrangements and present you with impossible requests, you managed to exceed my expectations.  Thank you for making the event so memorable.  I will obviously come straight to you again when arranging wine tasting.’     LloydsTSB © 2009-2016 All Rights Reserved
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