Costs And Fees

If you are new to Scala's events, you will be keen to know 'the damage'.  We are not about to spill the beans on prices to any competitors out there but a few words here on how we cost events.  Complete transparency is the watchword.  So we avoid hiding what you pay by itemising everything for you to agree beforehand.  You will pay for nothing you have not seen itemised, costed and agreed.  Every item is negotiable.  The invoice will not be a surprise.  There are usually THREE main cost factors in quoting:

1  Our work in devising, organising and presenting your event.   The scope, size and complexity of the preparatory work, as well as the work on the day, is what is involved here.  If we have to procure a venue and liaise with it, travel far, present to a very large group and set up and clear a complicated site and employ wait staff, costs will clearly be more than for a simple event.

2  The cost of wine, and, if you want it, food.   The quality and price level of the wine you want will be discussed carefully.  We work out how many bottles you will need of each wine depending on numbers.  Our wine prices are retail and there is no further mark-up.  We will do our very best with you to avoid using the wine lists of venues if at all possible, because the quality of their lists is usually lower than wines we are able to supply, but their mark-ups much higher.

3  The venue    If the event is in-house, no cost.  We are very experienced at negotiating venue costs and contracts.  If a contract for a venue booking is involved, you will be involved in every detail before sign-off and the venue's invoice can be sent directly to you.  We do not mark-up venue costs.  We pay detailed attention to what can often be unforseen surprises in venue costs, such as corkage on wines brought in, service charges, equipment hire and sundries such as flowers, soft drinks and table linen.  You will pay for nothing you did not want, know about and agree.

Finally, we are VAT registered (GB 273189603) and tax is added to your bill at the current rate.  Our quotation will be made to you within 48hours of enquiry


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