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Tim Hall, Scala Director: UK CHAMPAGNE AMBASSADOR 2013-14


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We are a leading supplier of corporate wine tastings and expert insider wine trips to Champagne, Bordeaux and Port.

Businesses need to market themselves, more so in a recession. Part of that is getting to know clients on a personal basis, away from the immediate pressure of doing business. Corporate wine events are a brilliant way to achieve that.

Fine wine is a perfect choice for corporate wine events, a symbol of well-being, good taste and conviviality. There is no better touchstone of what your business is about than networking with the quality, allure and international reference of fine wine.

This website will help you visualise, plan and organise successful wine events – you will do more business and open more doors. Scala School of Wine has three strengths in the corporate event market:

  • Know-how Our experience and success since 1995 means we know what works.
  • Communication We have been called the ‘best communicator on the wine circuit.’  (The Observer)
  • Value We ensure the key guests attend your event.. Wine events are close to home and exclusive to your clients.

Please look around the site; there’s plenty of advice about how to put on the best wine events. Find out who we are and who our clients are. And Contact Us to talk about what you have in mind. If you would like to talk now, phone us on 020 7281 3040 and we'd be delighted to help.



Corporate Wine Events News

Bribery Act: Champagne? What's The Bribery Act got to do with fine wine?  Well, some think the latter might entail the former. Should corporate event planners beware? Read More...

Private Wine Event News

Wine and Food Events at Home: Bliss!




You want a wine tasting in your home?  We'll bring the food too.  Phone us and then phone your friends.  Read More...

Wine Travel News

Scala's Feat in PortScala is proud to annouce we have added Port to our wine tour destinations. Read More...

Scala.......the best communicator on the wine circuit.

The Observer

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Champagne is UNESCO World Heritage Site - Bonn Va Bien!
Yesterday, certainly in the UK, most champagne lovers were basking in Saturday afternoon sunshine, planning BBQs with friends or shopping for their holiday departures. Meanwhile an important new step in the prestige of the Champagne region was being considered in Bonn by UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Committee.. Read More

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The Price and Image of Single Estate Champagne I think attitudes to single estate or domaine (what people call ‘grower’) champagne prices in the UK suffer because many see it as a ‘category’ or commodity. But there is clearly grower and grower, in quality and price. An elite group at the top easily now commands prices equal to or often above the grandes marques and has done for years. Read More

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Single Estate Champagne - Finding Your Niche
Recently I’ve heard complaints from some commentators that they wonder if the price of ‘grower’ (single estate or ‘domaine’ champagne, please) is going too high too fast. Part of the problem is that a few critics and some consumers have too long regarded domaine champagne as the ‘Christmas come early’ category.
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 Wine Travel

Champagne, Bordeaux, or Port and the Douro Valley.....Scala's flexible wine trips give you a private welcome and insight into top estates impossible to match in the usual tourist world.


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